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2024 Presenters

Prema + Madhurai
Chris + Ganesh
Sedona + Clayton
Nicholas + Shantam

Sky Hrothgar


Kundalini Yoga

“Hyperspace Sky” Hrothgar is a multidimensional mystic & yogi who has spent his life immersed in exploring and navigating radical self leadership, soulful intimacy, psychedelic mysticism, future shamanism, creative recovery, and authentic expression as a neurodivergent artist. Sky is a certified Mystic Master Teacher, Tantric Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Psychedelic Intimacy + Integration Guide who specializes in spiritual emergencies, clearing stagnant energy and trauma, revitalizing health, & expanding intimacy to holistically heal, thrive in ecstatic relationships, and consciously explore the mysteries of life, love, death, and beyond. Sky practices, teaches, and coaches invincible self care, personal mysticism, psychedelic integration, kundalini + tantric yoga, and relationship & intimacy magick online, in-person, retreats, and at transformational festivals. Sky lives and plays in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon at his Mystical Family Farm and Sacred Site - The Golden Hallows. He loves peaceful time with spouse and daughter, Tayler + Lila, and their many animals, exploring boundless nature, organic farming, making bass music and psychedelic art, holding magickal space with others, expanding the edges of human consciousness, and deepening his study of life, love, death, and beyond.
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