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2024 Presenters

Prema + Madhurai
Chris + Ganesh
Sedona + Clayton
Nicholas + Shantam

Sharanya Nair



Immersed in the enchanting realm of spirituality, Sharanya discovers profound magic in the sacred practice of Puja and Hindu Sadhanas. Like spells woven in the fabric of time, each ritual gesture and whispered mantra invokes an otherworldly presence, bridging the gap between the mundane and the divine. With reverence akin to alchemy, she arranges offerings with meticulous care, infusing each gesture with the essence of devotion and gratitude. As incense spirals skyward and lamp flames dance in reverence, she feels the veil between worlds thinning, inviting celestial energies to converge in a symphony of divine communion. Sharanya loves the joy of sharing these sacred rituals with others, becoming a conduit for the divine, spreading the light of spiritual wisdom and awakening the hearts of all who are touched by its magic.
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