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2024 Presenters

Prema + Madhurai
Chris + Ganesh
Sedona + Clayton
Nicholas + Shantam

Ganesha Das


Sacred Music

Ganesha Das has been offering his kirtan ministry, holding the space for you to have your own experience of the boons of chanting, for over 25 years. Ganesha Das accompanied Bhagavan Das for over a year when they both lived at Harbin Hot Springs and, at Bhagavan Das's urging, kept kirtan going at Harbin, leading it there for almost two decades. Like Bhagavan Das, Ganesha Das leads kirtan with an ektar which provides only rhythm and drone, putting the emphasis on the singing rather than on orchestration. After moving to Ashland in 2016 he established Ashland Sunday Kirtan and has held his "Chant Church" every Sunday since, even live and in person all through that strange time when other churches were closed. At a Ganesha Das kirtan you'll be inspired to join him in cheerleading for God by invoking the divine qualities of Ganesh, Hanuman, the Devis, Shiva and RadhaKrishna with simple, easy to follow, perhaps familiar chants to transcend the mind and let your soul and spirit soar.
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